River Trip Inspired Poetry, by Brett Hoffmann

If I Had Drifted Along the towering canyon walls that echoed sounds for miles… and had I flown through the spray from swift rapids that carved an array of rock forms tangled with the earths plates, that shoot into the clear blue sky… for the Moose, Deer, Big Horn sheep and all wildlife to thrive… Read More

Blessing Of The Rings

    By Gregory Hobbs     Toss a pebble in a pool,   random concentric circles migrate from the source of all encompassing.   From these beginnings these circles have no endings, travelling through space and time on a raft passing through prehistoric sand dunes, hung with spider webs, swallow nests, and Moki steps. Read More

Whitewater Rafting and then . . . there’s evening

    And then . . . there’s evening when the sinews of the working river begin to glow . . . soothing the muscles of the gritty row women— out of the shadows settling into cottonwood groves, bowstring on  bowstring, from some cavern recess high above— the sauce of a cradled violin licks fire Read More

Yampa River Rafting 6/17/2013. Colorado Firmament by Gregory Hobbs.

Colorado Firmament In the grotto of the starship columbine sprinkled amongst the crags and crevices,   rooted in the Morgan formation between Round Valley sandstone   and the Weber sandstone, the two-layered Morgan blends   where ledges slide into the young meandering free-flowing Yampa.   (On the Yampa through Dinosaur) Greg Hobbs 6/17/2013

Things to do in Grangeville, ID ~ Salmon River Canyons Trip Meet-up!

    by Julie Trevelyan Heading to Grangeville for an Idaho river rafting adventure with Holiday? Plan a day or two around your trip and enjoy some area amenities to get that complete Idaho experience. Grangeville Mammoth Lions and tigers and…mammoths, oh, my? Once upon a time, these large, hairy beasts roamed the North American continent. Read More

River Currents Blog: BLUE HERON STONE

    BLUE HERON STONE Because I could not bring back the blue heron who watched us, out of the river’s shadows, and then flew heavily away— because I could not keep her yellow metal eye to remind me of fierceness— I kept this stone. Blue-grey, like the heron, layered by millions of years in Read More

Sewing Kit Chock Full of a Few Silly Rules!

    Pack good! Play fair! Listen up! Have fun! Hang on tight when the Captain says so!   Stay hydrated! Look out for each other! Respect the critters! Love the River!   Don’t lose your sewing kit!   COFFEE! COFFEE! COFFEE!   Day begins on the river with birdsong, resurgent willows, cliffs and shadows, Read More

Our Commitment to the Environment

    Holiday River Expeditions from the beginning has been active in promoting environmentally sensitive business practices. We are constantly striving to raise the bar on what we expect from ourselves as expedition operators in the wilderness as well as in our operations at the office and in the warehouse. Our commitment to the environment Read More

Lower Salmon River Trip: “ODE TO STEVE” written by Gerri Findley – July

  “ODE TO STEVE” written by Gerri Findley on the Lower Salmon River   It was summer nineteen eighty-six And we needed a vacation fix. So we headed off to Idaho, For a Salmon River rafting go. We met or guide the day before. Did not know then we’d truly scored. But he held on Read More