A Seasonal Soaking: Monsoons in the West

Sometimes it’s the absence of a thing that reveals and sharpens its importance. The lover who is away, the friend who has passed on, these pangs of loss help us to reorganize our lives around the things that matter most to us. Lack reminds us to celebrate the return of abundance. The desert knows this Read More

Taking Shape: The Deposition of a River

Sometimes change occurs in a single, catastrophic swipe of fate or a sudden, glorious moment of victory. More often, we look back to a decade ago and realize, quizzically, that we are a totally different person now. Some mysterious combination of everyday interactions slowly wore upon our old beliefs and habits, and built new layers Read More

One Man’s Trash is Still Trash: Micro-Trash on the River

As Lake Powell’s shoreline recedes, a strange new ecology comes into view. Fishing poles, dropped long ago by drunken uncles and clumsy fathers, stick out from the cracked and flaking mud like weeds. Old beer cans that have worked their way into the sedimentary layers glint in the sun like some strange signal in this Read More

Sacrifice Zones and The Water of White Mesa

Some of us love the desert. Even the desert that gets called by an Atomic Energy Commission official a “damn good place to dump used razor blades.” Some of us love the people of the desert. Even the people who get called by the AEC a “low-use segment of the population.” Those are my people Read More

Saved by the Rodent: beavers build hope for the West

In the deserts of the West, the most precious resource is water, and that water has a guardian, and that guardian is a very big rodent. We see their wet fur in glimpses, or startle at their warning-slap on the water, recognizing that the danger they’re shouting is us. Or maybe we only see the Read More

Our Commitment to Real Change

  Recently ResponsibleTravel.com, a leading world wide travel agent, made the decision to abandon their Carbon offset program sighting the importance of making real changes rather than purchasing offsets. Years ago Holiday River Expeditions opted not to follow the popular “offset” trend, but rather to champion the individual and the company’s creativity and willingness to Read More

Supporting Local Farmers

    By Karen Johnson Crenshaw, Canary, Ogen, Israeli and Rocky Sweet are a few of the more obscure melons you’ll find in the Melon capital of the world….Green River, Utah.   Holiday River Expeditions supports and buys local from Dunham Melons and Green River Produce from the time the annual harvest begins. During the Read More

Whitewater to GreyWater – Lifeblood of the Desert

by Amy Christeson   Water. On river trips, we spend our days surrounded by it. We swim in it, bathe in it, and take it for granted. But upon leaving the river corridor, we are greeted with a vast, arid landscape.  Reminder: we live in the desert, where water is a scarcity.   Our Green Read More