You enable others to enjoy, appreciate and respect the river environment.

    Dear Dee, It had been 18 years since my first Cataract Canyon rafting trip and 8 years since my last trip; both with Holiday River Expeditions. My return to Cataract Canyon on a 6 day trip on August 3rd; this time with my sons, Bryan and Sean, and son-in-law, Jake, was not a Read More


Trip of the Week: The Green River through Lodore Canyon in Dinosaur National Monument

by Julie Trevelyan The Green River through the Gates of Lodore The Gates of Lodore are an impressive example of nature’s architecture. Towering 800 feet above the Green River, the canyon snakes its way through the Uinta Mountains of Colorado and Utah. This is a wonderful river rafting vacation to take for many reasons: diversity Read More

Rafters on the Green River.

Buzz Holmstrom, “The Doing of the Thing”

By Tim Sattelmeier Haldane “Buzz” Holmstrom was a humble gas station attendant from Idaho and instantly a legend when he ran alone from Green River, Wyoming down the Green River to the Colorado River and on through Grand Canyon, rowing across the Lake Mead impoundment, bumping the boat he made with his own hands against Read More

2012-06-30-La Sal-065

No Slouches Allowed! Holiday’s Guides Required to Master Rigorous Medical Training

    by Peta Owens-Liston   Despite the fun-loving and spirited nature of Holiday’s guides, they are a serious-minded, vigilant bunch when it comes to the safety of their guests. They have to be, otherwise, they wouldn’t work for Holiday; a company that requires them to jump through some rigorous hoops in dealing with emergency Read More

Main Salmon trip  mid June 2010

Colorful River Characters: Salmon River’s Buckskin Bill

  by Julie K. Trevelyan   The rivers of the west attract lots of interesting people, today as well as long ago. Some of the more colorful river characters made names for themselves via crazy exploits, daring exploration, or simply living by their own rules rather than those of society’s. Buckskin Bill, also known as Read More


River Currents Blog: Profiles Company Founder, Dee Holladay

  By Susan Munroe If someday a historian were to sum up the collected wisdom of Dee Holladay and bind it into a tome, the title embossed on the front would be: “Well, if ya was ta…” Holiday River Expeditions founder, constant tinkerer, environmental trailblazer, consummate river rat, friend, father, teacher, Dee Holladay has been Read More


Our Commitment to Real Change

  Recently ResponsibleTravel.com, a leading world wide travel agent, made the decision to abandon their Carbon offset program sighting the importance of making real changes rather than purchasing offsets. Years ago Holiday River Expeditions opted not to follow the popular “offset” trend, but rather to champion the individual and the company’s creativity and willingness to Read More


River Currents Blog: Top Five Reasons to Go Rafting with Holiday River Expeditions

  by Julie Trevelyan   In case you need to ask…here are our top five reasons why choosing Holiday River  Expeditions for your rafting adventure.     1. Holiday knows rivers and rafting. A sheer passion for river rafting means Holiday is very familiar with the rivers you get to run with us. We know Read More


River Currents Blog: Top Five Things Unique to Holiday River Expeditions

  by Julie Trevelyan   Uniquely Holiday River Expeditions   Looking to enhance your river rafting vacation? A river trip should always be fun. At Holiday River Expeditions, innovations specific to the company ensure what we believe are the best river trips out there. Check out these top five things about Holiday River Expeditions that Read More


River Currents Blog: Profiles Tim Gaylord

  “Hello, this is Tim.” “Yeah, hi, Tim, this is Susan – ” “Wellll, not really. But leave a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.” Foiled again! I can hear him grinning through the recording as he imagines flustering another caller. Guiding for Holiday at age 19, leading trips Read More