Profiles Company Founder, Dee Holladay

  By Susan Munroe If someday a historian were to sum up the collected wisdom of Dee Holladay and bind it into a tome, the title embossed on the front would be: “Well, if ya was ta…” Holiday River Expeditions founder, constant tinkerer, environmental trailblazer, consummate river rat, friend, father, teacher, Dee Holladay has been Read More


Have you ever wanted to ask your River Guide, what’s In Your Ammo Can?

By Joe Ballent Part One: When I first began working for Holiday River Expeditions, I had several goals to strive for- not the least of which was obtaining my guide license and some serious river time.  I was in my late teens, unloading grocery trucks in the warehouse and dreaming of the day when I’d Read More


The Photo Diary of a Whitewater River Rat: Part 1

By Joe Ballent Photo Diary Of A Whitewater River Rat They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and after combing through my folders of rafting photos (dating back to the ancient 2008) I’m forced to agree.  I compiled the highlight shots from a number of different trips with Holiday River Expeditions, with guests Read More

2012-06-30-La Sal-065

No Slouches Allowed! Holiday’s Guides Required to Master Rigorous Medical Training

    by Peta Owens-Liston   Despite the fun-loving and spirited nature of Holiday’s guides, they are a serious-minded, vigilant bunch when it comes to the safety of their guests. They have to be, otherwise, they wouldn’t work for Holiday; a company that requires them to jump through some rigorous hoops in dealing with emergency Read More


Profiles Vernal Manager, Kerry Jones “KJ”

    By Susan Munroe On any given weekday in Holiday’s warehouse in Vernal, Utah, just after dawn, you can find Kerry Jones stirring bacon in a cast iron skillet. Chopped onions for hash browns sit ready on the counter. The Vernal manager is probably still in his pajamas, and he’s definitely the only one Read More



  By Peta Owens-Liston   When Dee Holladay first started running rivers for guests in  the 1970s — Harold Stewart, known indelibly as Frogg for the last 55 years—was one of his early guides assisting Dee along with Kim Crumbo, Dee’s right-hand river man. An avid surfer, who came to Utah for love but ended Read More


Cataract Canyon Rafting Trip Review: Holiday does it with style!

    5-day Colorado River through Cataract Canyon in Canyonlands National Park May 20-24, 2013 The combination of a well organized web site and informed staff on the phone made reservations a breeze. When we first reserved, there were not enough clients to make the trip. Fortunately that changed, and reservation folks let us know Read More

White Rim Trip in Canyonlands, October 1-3.

What’s In Your Ammo Can? Part Two

  By Joe Ballent   Having achieved a higher level of enlightenment and becoming one step closer to river Nirvana, I was a bourgeoning young guide and never felt more complete than with my PFD in one hand and my ammo can in the other.  In the entry pairing this one, I revealed some trade Read More

White Rim Trip in Canyonlands, October 1-3.

Profiles Brin Finnigan

  “Hey, Susan!” I smile, already rolling my eyes; I know what’s coming next. “Quit playing with your dinghy!!” Meet Brin Finnigan, everyone. Company leader, expert boatman, smart aleck. This is the rote greeting I receive every time I meet Brin and his group of rafts on Lake Powell at the end of their Cataract Read More


Profiles Sean D’Amboise

    “Westwater’s back!” Sean shouts into the bunkhouse as he sprints past, rousing the warehouse staff from late afternoon naps under the swamp cooler. No one needs to be told twice; we all know the routine, and understand that unloading and cleaning up after a trip is a team effort. And on Team Holiday, Read More