The Photo Diary of a Whitewater River Rat: Part 2

By Joe Ballent Part II It’s pretty awesome to be up on Tavaputs Plateau to welcome guests to their upcoming Desolation Canyon trip after they’re flown in from Green River.  It feels like you’re touching distance from these quick little single-prop planes as they execute practiced and perfect landings atop the mighty Tavaputs.  As a Read More

Rafters on the Green River.

River Time, River Weather, River Skies

  By Joe Ballent It’s been said that rivers are earth’s wild renegades.  They’re one of the best places to experience nature at its most raw and most primal.  This particularly goes for the elements.  Some of the deepest tranquility as well as the most ferocious storms I’ve ever experienced have both revealed themselves in Read More


A Few of Our Favorite Things…About River Rafting Trips: Wildlife

    by Julie K. Trevelyan   River rafting has a whole host of super coolness that attracts people. From the whitewater rapids to the tall canyon walls to the deep intimacy with our beautiful natural world, a rafting adventure offers bucket loads of fun. We decided to round up a few of our favorite Read More


Please, if it’s not too late, make that a Cheeeeese Burger

   Ray’s Tavern By Joe Ballent     We just finished unpacking our latest trip, and I’m famished.  Well, as famished as one can be after eating gourmet steak-and-potatoes feasts, lasagna, and other of the finest culinary concoctions you’ll find on any river in the world.  Holiday’s guests eat like royalty on the river, but Read More


The River Terrace Inn – Local Flair for Grand Adventure

  By Joe Ballent   Every journey has a starting point, and the river is no exception.  Once you’ve found your way to the beautiful and desolate southern Utah desert, you may need a place to stay before or after your whitewater trip with Holiday River Expeditions.  Some may drive in from neighboring Grand Junction, Read More


When Guests Have Had Enough; A Creative Solution to Food Waste on the River

  By Peta Owens Liston   Pigging out dosen’t always have to be about over-consumption. Keeping in step with its conservationist approach, the guides at Holiday River Expeditions determined a way to recycle food waste into, well, bacon. Now before you are up in arms, keep in mind these pigs have good lives, loads of Read More

White Rim Trip in Canyonlands, October 1-3.

River Currents Blog: Women’s River and Yoga Retreat Trips

  by Julie Trevelyan   If you feel like getting onto the river with a group of women who all like to stretch out with yoga moves, Holiday has some perfect rafting trips to check out. For 2013, Holiday’s Women’s Rafting Trips head out on Lodore, the Salmon River Canyons, and Cataract Canyon. There’s no stress Read More

Lightning strike in Canyonlands

River Currents Blog: The Wrath and Beauty of Desert Storms; Monsoon Season on the White Rim

  By Peta Owens Liston   Rain in the desert is about as plentiful as gifts from Scrooge. Yet just like this old miser, a transformation of sort takes place when the monsoon season visits the desert. I felt this powerful and outspoken generosity while riding the White Rim Trail in early September. To be Read More


Recommended Reading Materials for White Water Rafting

Holiday River Expeditions offers a wide variety of top-notch rafting trips, including Cataract Canyon rafting, Grand Canyon rafting, Green River rafting and Idaho river rafting, to name a few. To help prepare adventurists for the wild, raw beauty of Idaho, Utah, Colorado and Arizona, Holiday River Expedition’s expert guides recommend several educational reading materials – Read More


River Currents Blog: Profiles Sean D’Amboise

    “Westwater’s back!” Sean shouts into the bunkhouse as he sprints past, rousing the warehouse staff from late afternoon naps under the swamp cooler. No one needs to be told twice; we all know the routine, and understand that unloading and cleaning up after a trip is a team effort. And on Team Holiday, Read More