You enable others to enjoy, appreciate and respect the river environment.

    Dear Dee, It had been 18 years since my first Cataract Canyon rafting trip and 8 years since my last trip; both with Holiday River Expeditions. My return to Cataract Canyon on a 6 day trip on August 3rd; this time with my sons, Bryan and Sean, and son-in-law, Jake, was not a Read More


Utah Desert Springtime Wildflowers Arriving Soon!

By Julie Trevelyan   People often think of deserts as barren wastelands. Nothing could be farther from the truth in Utah. Whether you take a river rafting vacation down an awesome canyon like Cataract or do some mountain biking on the White Rim Trail, the spring months tend toward an explosion of unexpected yet very Read More


River Currents Blog ~ Top Five Reasons to Take a National Park Vacation

by Julie Trevelyan   America’s national parks are treasures enjoyed by millions of visitors every year. Our national parks are a great place to spend a vacation! We’ve got five stellar reasons for you to paddle, hike, and overall enjoy the scenery in a park near you.   1) Not only beautiful, national parks are Read More

Lightning strike in Canyonlands

River Currents Blog: The Wrath and Beauty of Desert Storms; Monsoon Season on the White Rim

  By Peta Owens Liston   Rain in the desert is about as plentiful as gifts from Scrooge. Yet just like this old miser, a transformation of sort takes place when the monsoon season visits the desert. I felt this powerful and outspoken generosity while riding the White Rim Trail in early September. To be Read More

White Rim Trip in Canyonlands, October 1-3.

River Currents Blog: Early Spring on the Colorado River

    This blog post was originally published in June of 2009 just after John returned from his early season May Cataract Canyon trip.  As you begin to make your plans for the 2013 season, it’s a great reminder to consider the early season.  High water, fewer folks on the river, warm days and cooler Read More


Our Commitment to Real Change

  Recently ResponsibleTravel.com, a leading world wide travel agent, made the decision to abandon their Carbon offset program sighting the importance of making real changes rather than purchasing offsets. Years ago Holiday River Expeditions opted not to follow the popular “offset” trend, but rather to champion the individual and the company’s creativity and willingness to Read More


Holiday employee founds new exchange program between the US and Chile to teach young kayakers about the value of free-flowing rivers.

    Susan Munroe, company driver and blogger, spent the last off-season in Chilean Patagonia, writing about controversial hydroelectric development in the region of Aysén, Chile. A foreign multi-national corporation has proposed to build five mega-dams on two rivers and construct a 1,600-mile-long transmission line to carry the energy to the center of Chile. One Read More


Holiday River Practices Environmental Stewardship

With an intense devotion to practicing environmental stewardship, Holiday River strives to preserve the world’s natural resources and environment to ensure that future generations can experience the lush beauty, raw native lands and thriving river systems that have impacted so many generations’ past. Environmental stewardship is defined as people that strive to help sustain the Read More

White Rim Trip in Canyonlands, October 1-3.

River Currents Blog: Part 1 – A Perspective Check: Four Reminders about Living Life While Navigating the White Rim

  By Peta Liston Owens A four part series   While comfortably ensconced in the backseat of a van heading from Green River to the White Rim trailhead, our guide dispersed some handouts to familiarize ourselves with the “do’s and don’ts” of mountain biking this 100-mile trail that runs deep into Canyonlands National Park. “Pump Read More


River Currents Blog: BLUE HERON STONE

    BLUE HERON STONE Because I could not bring back the blue heron who watched us, out of the river’s shadows, and then flew heavily away— because I could not keep her yellow metal eye to remind me of fierceness— I kept this stone. Blue-grey, like the heron, layered by millions of years in Read More