Yampa River Trip Review: Sharing The River’s Splendor While Preserving Its Untouched Character

River Rafting Down The Wild Yampa River June 21 The guides were fantastic, competent and knowledgeable about the terrain, geology, and prehistory. They were courteous, and idealistic, in that they clearly reverenced the river and the canyon they were showing us.  A remarkable moment was when Pat, the leader, took his raft to the bank Read More


Lodore Canyon Trip Review: An Intimate & Beautiful Step Out Of Our Daily Lives

River Rafting On The Green River Through The Gates Of Lodore July 10, 2014 This trip was among the best we’ve taken in the last decade. We decided to make this a reunion trip with a few couples from earlier times in our lives. It was a great decision and allowed us to become reacquainted Read More


Yampa River Trip Review: We Could Have Stayed Forever

Rafting Down The Yampa River And The Green River June 16, 2014 Everything actually exceeded my expectations. The guides were not only efficient and competent at all aspects of their jobs, but also engaging conversationalists and recreation leaders. The hikes were some of my favorite parts of the overall trip. The food was wonderful. I Read More


Yampa River Whitewater Rafting Trip Review: Great From Start To Finish

River Rafting On The Wild Yampa River Within Dinosaur National Monument June 28, 2014 Jesse, Molly, Mike and Dustin were outstanding guides. They earned their money on a couple of long and windy days, and earned our gratitude with their friendly-yet-professional demeanors and constant attentiveness. We had a great trip on the Yampa this weekend! Read More


Yampa River Trip Review: A Masterful Trip

Rafting On The Wild Yampa River In Dinosaur National Monument May 26-30, 2014 To whom it may concern: I was a participant on the Sierra Club Yampa / Green River Trip of May 26-30, 2014. It was a masterfully conceived, organized, co-coordinated and executed outing, thoroughly. I want to praise your guides: Zack, Chet, Molly, Read More


Lodore Canyon Trip Review: Comfortable, Safe And Exciting

Rafting Down The Green River In Dinosaur National Monument Through Lodore Canyon August 18 The guides were absolutely amazing. They made the trip enjoyable, while making sure everyone was comfortable and safe. Zac, Jordan, Jessica and “Tilts”, thanks – you all did a great job! We all had a blast. The biggest surprise on the Read More

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Yampa Bench / Yampa River Trip Review: Terrific Biking, Rafting & Food!!!

Biking The Yampa Bench And Rafting The Yampa River In Dinosaur National Monument June 14-20, 2014 This trip was incredible. The biking was so well supported and the guides for both parts of the trip were great. I felt very safe at all times and taken care of both on the bikes and in the Read More


Lodore Canyon Trip Review: Befriended By Otters

Floating Down Lodore Canyon On The Green River In Dinosaur National Monument August 16 I rode on all of the rafts, and must say that ALL of the guides were exceptional. They really made the trip a memorable one! The food was better than I cook for myself. They should have a reality show of Read More


Lodore Canyon Trip Review: Your Guides were Great Role Models!

Green River Rafting In Dinosaur National Monument Through The Gates Of Lodore     Matt and TBurd are so enjoyable, very different people, yet highly engaging and fun. They were good role models for my grandsons. I loved the waterfall hikes. This takes extra effort on the part of the guides and is much appreciated. Read More


Lodore Canyon Trip Review: Outdoor Family Fun Time

Rafting Lodore Canyon In Dinosaur National Monument On The Green River July 12 Our guides were phenomenal, the hikes were spectacular. I’ve done many trips of this type and this was certainly the best yet. This was the perfect outdoor family fun trip, highly recommended. I will definitely be back By Christopher Armstrong