Cataract-June 2004

Cataract Canyon Rafting, the Holiday way

  by Julie Trevelyan   Oars slip quietly into the water and pull, stroking and skimming and powering their craft through. Cheerful laughter echoes against the canyon walls, as does the harsh, inquisitive caw of a raven flying overhead. It is so quiet you can hear the flap of sleek ebony wings as the raven Read More


You enable others to enjoy, appreciate and respect the river environment.

    Dear Dee, It had been 18 years since my first Cataract Canyon rafting trip and 8 years since my last trip; both with Holiday River Expeditions. My return to Cataract Canyon on a 6 day trip on August 3rd; this time with my sons, Bryan and Sean, and son-in-law, Jake, was not a Read More

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No Slouches Allowed! Holiday’s Guides Required to Master Rigorous Medical Training

    by Peta Owens-Liston   Despite the fun-loving and spirited nature of Holiday’s guides, they are a serious-minded, vigilant bunch when it comes to the safety of their guests. They have to be, otherwise, they wouldn’t work for Holiday; a company that requires them to jump through some rigorous hoops in dealing with emergency Read More


River Currents Blog ~ A Message from Founders Dee & Sue Holladay

  The canyons we float and ride through have been here long before Holiday River Expeditions, but in our humblest way we are celebrating our 46th year of river running, hiking and just being in the presence of such grand places and people. It’s been interesting to observe the changes in ourselves, our company, our Read More


Reflecting on Six Reasons I’ve Enjoyed Working For Holiday River Expeditions

By Joe Ballent   What better time of year to reflect on all that for which we’re most grateful?  Many of us are surrounded by friends, family, and good food.  In reflecting back on another year, I’m inevitably and incredibly thankful to have gotten involved with Holiday River Expeditions and the amazing people that work Read More

Water fight between rafters on the Green River.

Endangered Species and the River Rafts Named After Them

  By Joe Ballent As I’ve discussed before, Holiday River Expeditions cultural fabric is steeped in homage and references to many aspects of desert life… from the ecosystem to the historical figures, the landmarks to the species that inhabit our beloved river canyons.  It’s no secret that our founder, Dee Holladay names our boats for Read More

River runners relaxing at camp on the Green River.

Rivers, Canyons & Trails: Exploring and Enjoying Without Leaving A Trace

  By Joe Ballent   My summers of working at Holiday River Expeditions taught me worlds about life in the desert.  The desert is a great teacher, and as any Holiday guest can attest, it leaves one with many lessons to contemplate; awe at the power of nature, joy at the freedom of casting off Read More


River Currents Blog: Falling in Love and Renewing Love While Keeping Your Head Above Water

  Keeping Love Afloat By Peta Owens-Liston   “A lot of the superficiality falls away, and you get to see the ‘real’ person and get to know each other much more quickly,” explains river trip guide Jen Davison, in regards to why people seem to fall in love, or absolutely not, on the river. She Read More


River Currents Blog: Profiles Company Founder, Dee Holladay

  By Susan Munroe If someday a historian were to sum up the collected wisdom of Dee Holladay and bind it into a tome, the title embossed on the front would be: “Well, if ya was ta…” Holiday River Expeditions founder, constant tinkerer, environmental trailblazer, consummate river rat, friend, father, teacher, Dee Holladay has been Read More


River Currents Blog: River Runner Boat Names: A History, Part VIII

    Ann, Georgie, Josie, Glen and Bessie Hyde.  Colorful characters from the rich history of river running and life on the Colorado Plateau.  Read Julie’s eighth installment on Holiday’s Boat names.      by Julie K. Trevelyan What boat did you or will you ride in, and why on earth does it have that Read More