Hope in the Dark and Hope Behind the Dam: How a water crisis could re-wild a river

In 1963 the gates of Glen Canyon Dam shut, and the waters rose. Over the following 19 years, 186 miles of canyons sank under the water and mud, and with them sank over 4,000 ancient ruins and petroglyphs, and habitat for 79 plant species, 189 bird species, 34 kinds of mammals. But what do the Read More

White Rim Trip in Canyonlands, October 1-3.

Pockets of Life: The Living Legacy of Desert Potholes

In the city, a pothole is a failure. A spine-rattling bump on your way to work. A tsk-tsk to politicians hob-nobbing with lobbyists while our roads crumble under our feet. I’m not talking about cities, though, I’m talking about the desert. In the desert, a pothole is a tide pool abandoned by the ocean. In Read More


From Those Who Need no Convincing : A Holiday take on Why Fodor’s listed Utah as the #1 Place to Visit in 2016

  Earlier this winter, Fodor’s top travel company picked Utah as the 2016 #1 places to visit in the World.  You don’t have to convince us! Folks join Holiday River  for the numerous whitewater river adventures we offer, but they keep coming back because there is simply too much to take in on one rafting Read More


13 Reads for the River

I have a suspicion about the kind of books you ache to read on the river. I suspect that river reads are the opposite of their popular-girl cousins, the ‘beach reads.’ Beach reads are mindless; the books of the river have a mind. Beach reads are about escaping your life; river reads are about finding Read More


Science Says River Trips are Good for Business

At Holiday River Expeditions, our guides and staff never need too many elaborate excuses to justify getting out on the water, place our hands on the oars and going with the flow. However, that doesn’t mean it’s all just for the love of having fun. Our partners at Newco recently dove into the science behind a Read More

Cataract-June 2004

Cataract Canyon Rafting, the “Holiday Way”

  by Julie Trevelyan   Oars slip quietly into the water and pull, stroking and skimming and powering their craft through. Cheerful laughter echoes against the canyon walls, as does the harsh, inquisitive caw of a raven flying overhead. It is so quiet you can hear the flap of sleek ebony wings as the raven Read More

another boat line-up

Rafting the Colorado River through Cataract Canyon

by Julie Trevelyan Rafting the Colorado River through Utah’s famous Cataract Canyon is the river rafting adventure of a lifetime for many people. Cataract Canyon, which swirls its way through the heart of beautiful Canyonlands National Park, is renowned for its tremendous whitewater rapids, gorgeous canyon walls that tower up to the incredible blue sky, Read More

Sunset from White Rim Trail Bike Trip

GO NOW: 8 Utah Adventures To Cure Your Spring Fever

By Joe, Lauren & Karen You can see and feel the change.  Longer days, budding flowers, and that same tell-tale itch you have for getting OUT! Roofs begin to feel stifling, work days seem a bit less engaging and you need to cure the adventurous fever your running. Don’t worry, we’ve got all the whitewater, relaxation and Read More


Cataract Canyon Trip Review: A Cherished Experience That Is Beyond Description

A Whitewater Rafting Trip Down Cataract Canyon In Canyonlands National Park May 29 The guides were first class, well informed, and great cooks. Hikes helped make the trip even more fun! I could never figure out where all of the fantastic meals came from, they must have been drop shipped from above. This was an Read More

Colorado River Rafting Through Cataract Canyon

Oar Rafts, Paddle Boats, Inflatable Kayaks and Sups: PYOB

By Joe Ballent Oar Rafts These 16-18-foot workhorses are the mainstay of the Holiday River Expeditions’ fleet.  They feature a wooden frame (a design perfected by river rafting pioneer Dee Holladay himself) located centrally; this forms the cockpit where your guide sits.  Fore and aft are compartments for passengers and bags.  Depending on how accommodating Read More