Cataract Canyon Whitewater Rafting Trip Review: Yes please tell the world about this trip and these guides!

 6-day Colorado River through Cataract Canyon in Canyonlands National Park Aug 17-22, 2014 – Glen Canyon Institute custom trip Brin, Alex, Julian and Erika were by far the best part of the trip. Without their expert and professional guidance we would have never been able to experience such a magnificently powerful and awesome trip through Read More


You enable others to enjoy, appreciate and respect the river environment.

    Dear Dee, It had been 18 years since my first Cataract Canyon rafting trip and 8 years since my last trip; both with Holiday River Expeditions. My return to Cataract Canyon on a 6 day trip on August 3rd; this time with my sons, Bryan and Sean, and son-in-law, Jake, was not a Read More


5 Reasons to Go Late Season Whitewater River Rafting

by Julie K. Trevelyan Summer is winding down. School is starting back up. But wait—all outdoor adventure hope is not yet lost. River rafting trips still beckon in August and September. Here are some excellent reasons to consider going on a Holiday late-season whitewater rafting trip. 1. Gentle pace. Later in the year, water flow has slowed down Read More


Cataract Canyon Trip Review: Shimmering Water & Gorgeous Evenings

Utah River Rafting  Down Cataract Canyon In Canyonlands National Park August 03 This rafting trip was some of the most relaxing and beautiful nature time I can remember! The guides did all the hard work, served up delicious meals, and were fountains of information about the plants and animals and the history of the area. Read More


Cataract Canyon Whitewater Rafting Trip Review: The Majesty Of Canyonlands!

Rafting The Scenic Cataract Canyon In Canyonlands National Park, Utah August 26 Jason and Donovan were our guides. I really enjoyed them both, it was a good mix of personalities and style. They clearly had a good chemistry between them, especially on the river.  Their confidence in their own abilities and each other’s made us all Read More


Cataract Canyon Trip Review: A Needed Change Of Pace From City Life

A River Rafting Trip Through Cataract Canyon, In Utah’s Canyonlands National Park June 11 Everything was perfect, we rented the 2 person tent which once showed how to set up was very easy to assemble and disassemble. I loved the guides on our trip, we were fortunate to have Tilts, Ben, Evan, Kasey and Randy Read More


Cataract Canyon Trip Review: The Food Blew Me Away

Rafting In Southern Utah Down Cataract Canyon, Canyonlands National Park June 11 The guides were the greatest, they definitely made the trip. Thanks to Tilts, Muffin, Evan, Kasey, and Little Ben. A+. I went on all the hikes except the last one prior to the big rapids day. Evan and Tilts gave very good narratives Read More


Cataract Canyon Whitewater Rafting Trip Review: Perfect Family Trip

Floating Through Canyonlands National Park In Cataract Canyon May 14 We had a large family group from California, Nevada, San Juan Island, Washington and Colorado meeting at the same time, same place, under one reservation and the ladies in the office made the whole thing perfect. Muffin and Fluffy (Evan) were the best guides. They Read More

Cataract-June 2004

Cataract Canyon Trip Review: Whitewater Thrills & Striking Scenery

Cataract Canyon Rafting In Utah’s Canyonlands National Park June 18 To: Dee Holladay, John Wood & Tim Gaylord: I want you to know that the Park City Mountain Sports Club trip through Cataract Canyon last week was superb. We just cannot say enough about the fantastic job that Jason, Donovan, Nick and Casey did on Read More


Cataract Canyon Trip Review: Fresh Fruits & Veggies! Yum

Camping & Rafting In Canyonlands National Park Through Cataract Canyon June 18 Guides were strong rowers, excellent cooks, knowledgeable, and most important of all, prepared for everything even if a raft were to flip (didn’t happen). Especially loved the relaxing afternoon in camp and the a-“mazing” (pun intended) dawn hike to the Dollhouse. I really Read More