Baja Beckons! Baja Coast

    by Julie Trevelyan   If you like to sea kayak, this is the trip for you. In the lovely waters of Baja, kayaking is the name of the game as you paddle along remote stretches of coastline and explore the natural beauties of the islands there. To enjoy warm waters—meaning around 80 degrees Fahrenheit!—book Read More

Baja Beckons! Island Hopping

  by Julie Trevelyan   Kayaking through the gorgeous waters of Baja, Mexico, is the sort of trip to add to your bucket list. Mix in some island hopping on the beautiful little isles in the area and you have the makings of a surprisingly luxurious adventure trip of a lifetime, complete with great guides, Read More

Baja Beckons! Sea Kayaking & Whale Watching Combo

  by Julie Trevelyan   Make an especially memorable trip to Baja, Mexico, with this thoroughly awesome combo sea kayaking/whale watching trip. What makes this an adventurous yet soul-soothing vacation to remember? Paddling through Baja’s warm waters and also getting the chance to see the world’s largest animals pretty up close and personal! From a Read More

Baja Beckons! Kayaking Espiritu Santo Island

  by Julie Trevelyan   Baja, Mexico, is a pretty sweet destination anytime. But heading to go sea kayaking? Now we’re talking. Sea kayaking is exciting, breathtaking, and a marvelous way to experience a fun connection with our oceans. Kayaking around Espiritu Santo Island in Baja fits the ticket very nicely.   Isla Espiritu Santo Read More

Baja: Winter Rafting Excursions

Holiday River Expeditions offers spectacular trips and excursions to Baja. Allowing adventurists to enjoy warm water and pristine weather, the following trips are among the most popular: • Whale Watching and Sea Kayaking – Combining both snorkeling and kayaking, this trip explores the Sea of Cortez, which includes the marine park that is located off Read More

Our Commitment to the Environment

    Holiday River Expeditions from the beginning has been active in promoting environmentally sensitive business practices. We are constantly striving to raise the bar on what we expect from ourselves as expedition operators in the wilderness as well as in our operations at the office and in the warehouse. Our commitment to the environment Read More

10 Adventure-Filled Excursions to Excite the Senses

Holiday River Expeditions offers 10 adventure-filled excursions that will leave guests in awe of nature’s raw beauty and rugged wilderness. The Colorado white water river rafting trips includes six different adventures. Yampa River is part of the rugged Colorado River and this stretch contains the infamous Warm Springs Rapid, rated one of the top 10 Read More

Marine Adventures in Baja, California

Holiday River Expeditions offers four different tours in sunny Baja, California. The whale watching and sea kayaking tour highlights the beautiful marine park in the Sea of Cortez off the coast of Loreto. This area boasts warm waters and showcases the Pacific Grey Whales as they arrive to give birth. Witnessing these aquatic mammals give Read More