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Our Espiritu Santo Island Circumnavigation Trip is the quintessential, classic Baja sea kayaking trip for paddlers looking for a challenging kayaking experience and wanting to get a glimpse of this island’s spectacular east coast. This desert island paradise has over 20 white sand beaches with shallow bays of turquoise waters gently sloping toward giant cactus along the west coast and towering cliffs dropping into deep, blue waters along the east coast.

Kayaking and camping along the shores of this island paradise, an attempt to circumnavigate it, allow us the opportunity to explore ancient archaeological sites, canyons adorned with hanging fig trees, freshwater wells, classic desert arroyos, prime fishing holes, snorkel among friendly sea lion pups and tropical fish as well as paddle its unique east coast of sheer rock walls.

This is the perfect escape for the novice to advanced sea kayaker seeking to challenge their paddling skills with the goal of circumnavigating this 12 mile long and 6 mile wide island. Our goal on this trip is to paddle south at the base of the extraordinarily steep cliffs of the east coast ending up on the beautiful 3-mile long Bonanza beach on the south east coast of the island, weather permitting of course. Our professional guides evaluate each participant’s paddling and fitness abilities to provide the appropriate activities accordingly so each person can paddle, hike and/or snorkel to their desire in a flexible and relaxed environment.

We will camp on 2 to 4, depending on the weather, beautiful white sand beaches while exploring the island. Motorized, support skiffs are used to carry heavy equipment from camp to camp so your kayaks are light and easy to paddle. While kayaking, one skiff will accompany the group for safety or to accommodate tired paddlers with a ride, yet remains out of earshot so you’ll forget it’s even there while enjoying the serenity of the island. The motorized skiffs also come in handy when a whale blow is sighted in the distance for a speedy ride out to opportunistically whale watch in the spring months or for transport to distant snorkeling and fishing “hot spots”.

There is no other island in the Sea of Cortez like Espiritu Santo! It is truly a paddler’s dream, offering unique scenic beauty combined with abundant wildlife viewed from above and below the water’s surface.

2016 Dates: March 06-13, 20-27, 27-03. April 09-16 ($1,150)


  • Snorkel among friendly sea lions and tropical fish
  • Explore beautiful white sand beaches, canyons adorned with hanging fig trees
  • Spectacular campsites with big sandy beaches
  • This island in Baja is a paddler’s dream

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Average rating:  
 5 reviews
by Janet Bertinuson on Blank Business Name

This was one of the best vacations I've ever had. It was a much needed tonic for my spirit. The organization, the food, the staff were top notch. Our guide, Roman Cahero, was absolutely wonderful. His experience with kayaking and snorkeling and background in marine biology and all he knew about geography, history, flora and fauna enriched the trip immensely, and I would do it again tomorrow (especially since I came back to piles of snow and ice).

by Charles Holum on Blank Business Name

The island itself is spectacular. One of the best places I've ever visited. A cruise in the Galapagos was comparable, but I'd rate this trip much better. The staff was also extremely friendly and helpful.

by Bethany Koenig on Blank Business Name

Chuy is an amazing cook. We had three vegetarians in the group, so being left with seafood was a pleasure to us all. A very well done event. Our thanks!

by Glenn Huffman on Blank Business Name

Your people in the Baja were fantastic. The whale watching was awesome. Espiritu Santo Island was a paradise...the weather was fantastic. I could go on and on about the entire trip, but suffice it to say that it was one of the best run tours I've ever been on and everything was just perfect.

by Audrey Kingdon, TX on Blank Business Name

What a wonderful trip! I went by myself and was a little apprehensive about that but it could not have turned out any better. Great group of fellow travelers and the guides were terrific. Especially Lisa. Loved all the fresh food. Enjoyed the kayaking, snorkeling, fishing and hiking. I appreciated that I was able to do a variety of things. Beautiful place!