Office Staff Ready to Help

It’s old fashioned to receive personalized service but when booking your Holiday vacation that’s what you can expect. Whether you contact us, by phone or Email, Karen and Lauren are in our office ready to help you. With collectively over 50 years experience they know what they’re talking about and will take the time to share their trip and area knowledge with you.

They get out of the office often to enjoy our trips or find new outdoor adventures. It’s this perspective that allows them to listen to you and help you find the right trip for your needs. When it’s all said and done, our experience outside the office is most valuable when we share it with you!

Experience the Difference!

  • No automated phone questions
  • We listen more than we talk
  • Karen Johnson, with Holiday River Expeditions for 25 years
  • Lauren Wood, with Holiday River Expeditions for 27 years

And…It Doesn’t End There

BoysBoatIf Karen & Lauren are both on the phone you might hear a mans voice answer, John Wood, our Co-Owner and President. John started as a rafting guide and quickly worked his way to the office. From behind the scenes with both his creative and business background he led Holiday River Expeditions to the company we are today. John Wood, co-owner, president, back-up phone help, computer fixer, programmer, creative director and raft guide, with Holiday River Expeditions for 37 years.

TimWhen you arrive at the meeting point for your trip you’ll be met by a staff of Guides, Warehouse Workers and Drivers under the direction of our Operations Director Tim Gaylord. Tim has been with Holiday River Expeditions since 1978. His attention to detail, and his ability to single out the folks who possess the qualities essential to becoming the best guides in the business are surpassed by none. This and his higher than the average human energy level, is the magic behind our seemingly effortless outfitting of all Utah raft and bike trips.

Kelly-&-RickYou know the saying behind every great man is a great woman? Well in Tim’s case that would be Kelly Dunham. With Holiday River Expeditions since 1984. Kelly is part-time now, with an organic farm she shares with her husband Ric, and another job in Moab. However, she is still full-time when it comes to her dedication to keeping the order at our Green River Headquarters when Tim is in Salt Lake. Part mother hen, part bulldog, she knows how keep a crew of 40+ on task!

LBOur Vernal operations are managed by another Holiday all-star Ben Levine, known by many as “LB”.  Ben has been in the Holiday fold since 2003, when he got his start in the warehouse.  Learning his craft from the ground-floor up, Ben has internalized all the intricate details of the elegant design that is Holiday’s operations. His attention to both detail and big-picture trip components mean every Vernal trip is sent off with a mark of excellence. While Ben is often found tuning operations in the Vernal warehouse, he is just as likely to be doing what all guides love best: running some serious white-water. His Go-Pro video footage has become “viral” online, making Ben one of our most laudable guides to date; Vernal couldn’t have better hands on the oars.

Frog-HIn Idaho, with any luck, you will have the experience of meeting “Frogg”. Harold “Frogg” Stewart was one of Dee Holladay’s original guides. He started guiding in Utah in the early 70’s and then took the show on the road to Idaho. He is co-owner of our Idaho operation and wears all the hats. Manager, warehouse, driver, problem solver, and one heck of a boatman. More behind the scenes these days than out on the river, but you still feel his influence on the trips. He has a dedicated crew of guides who have been with him since the early days.

Rafting030And finally, the two folks who started it all, and the reason most of us are still here, Dee and Sue Holladay. The summer of 2015 marked a watershed moment for our company as we have had to say goodbye to Dee, our founder, moral compass and river-father. His presence will be missed not simply by Holiday, but the entire rafting community. Sue Holladay, while largely retired, still gives her magic touch to the menus. despite the loss of Dee, their vision and the tone they set for the company still resonates profoundly. The roots are planted deep as they say, as deep as the river runs. Your Holiday River Expeditions experience from the first contact with a voice in our office to the book you pull from the library can on the river are all tied back to the special care Dee and Sue took with growing this business. Attention to detail, always looking for the better way, with care for our environment and thoughtfulness for our guests.