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Holiday River Expeditions has spent over half a century perfecting our methods, working and reworking each and every aspect of a river or bike adventure with an eye towards making the experience of our guests unforgettable.  Our ultimate mission is to connect the human spirit to the natural world; no small feat.  We believe the best way to do that is get you as close as possible to the places we float and ride through.  That is why our ethic of motorless river trips and leave no trace policies is at the core of the “Holiday Way”.
In our slogan “Go With the Flow” lies as a succinct way to express a much larger truth; it is the ultimate job of our guides to be efficient, organized, and uniquely capable so that whatever may come on each and every adventure, the quality of your comfort and care is always consistent.  This ethos has allowed Holiday to take guests uneasy in the wilderness to places they never dreamed possible while allowing us to meet the tenacity of the wildest of spirits.
This path was set for us many decades ago by our founders Dee and Sue Holladay.  The “Dee Way” was a common phrase used to describe a certain caliber of wilderness adventure, only embodied by the man himself and those who were trained under his guiding principles.  In the wake of Dee’s passing father’s day of 2015, Holiday, still a family owned legacy spends careful time to keep those traditions alive; incorporating the deep roots and the wisdom of our founders, with the ethic of improving our craft and giving new meanings to the “Holiday Way”.  

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The Feast

Since 1966, Sue Holladay has brought years of river running and cooking experience to our menus that accommodate everyone’s tastes and dietary needs. Just show up for the meals and enjoy your day of adventure. All the planning, packing, shopping and preparation is done for you. Our guides create river recipes into “to die for” meals. Dutch-oven lasagna, salads, fresh salmon or steak, brownies… You will be hungry! Oh yeah, and we do the dishes!

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The Guides

Almost every guest who joins us says the same thing: the thing that truly made the vacation was the expert guides who ushered them through the canyon.  Our team of guides are eclectic, ambitious and incredibly competent.  All have been trained the “Holiday Way”; from sailors knots to the expert finesse of an oar in whitewater; from interpretive flare to knowing the correct way to cut an onion, you can be confident you are in great hands.  More than these hard skills, each guide offers a unique personality and perspective that has the capacity to unlock the secrets of these magical places for you and your loved ones.

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The Gear & Camping

Finding the right blend of old wisdom and new innovation has led Holiday to be at the forefront of outfitting gear.  Having spent over 50 years perfecting the art of whitewater river or bike camping, we have dialed in each piece of equipment with you in mind; from the fastidiously maintained vans that take you to the put-in, to our cush oar rafts, rigged with your comfort in mind, to ideal camp feng-shui.  Even when you don’t notice it, there is a purpose behind almost every toy we bring on our journey.

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The Gallery

Pour over these specially curated shots that should show off some of the astounding places we get to play in! Images will give you perspective on what our trips may entail but there is truly no way to experience the sublime experience of a totally immersive river or bike trip.  As Holiday River Expeditions President John Wood would say, “you have to go to know“!

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